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I don’t want to be sold to when I walk into a store. I want to be welcomed.

— Angela Ahrendts

And delighting your customers “everywhere” requires properly designing to the ever-changing technological landscape


Meet Domain7

We are Retail Service Designers

We build Physical meets Digital Service Workflows for traditional and digitally native retail brands, empowering them to serve their customers efficiently and effectively



We Design-Build and Unify Workflows


We guide clients on purposefully fusing and organizing their employees, vendors, partners, and knowledge into workflows that deliver optimized customer experiences


We transform client stakeholder knowledge into modern digital workflows, so customers get a better experience, service employees can be upskilled, and the enterprise sees an increase in sales and operational efficiencies


Domain7 is a Digital Transformation Agency

We integrate everything from legacy systems to global cloud platforms like Alibaba—to create empathetic user experiences for customers and stakeholders alike

We help get all your stakeholders on the same page across their physical, digital and geographic spheres


Our Consulting Approach

Retail Service Design brings together experienced retail subject matter experts (Retail SMEs) and Domain7’s Service Design team

Retail SME Network

Our Retail SME Network boasts depth of experience in traditional brick and mortar retail and e-commerce, locally and in Asia

D7 Service Design Team

Our Service Design specialists are experienced across retail sectors and geographies including Asia Pacific


Are you a retail brand interested in learning more?

Services range from 1-day “Go-global, Design local” workshops with our partner Alibaba Cloud to full engagements

Are you a retail technology company?

We work as your UX-CX Phygital Design sub-contractor


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